Barrister Wig

Our wigs are hand made from the hair of Mongolian ponies and Australian Brumbies, which are the highest quality of horsehair available in the world. The hair used to make the wigs are retrieved using natural methods of cutting, that in no way harm the animals. Once the hair is retrieved, it is then treated, sterilized and bleached to ensure it is completely clean and conforms to the highest of safety standards.

Each wig takes approximately ten days to make, and are individually hand made by a single artisan. The wigs are not produced in any factory type production line system. The methods used are the same as used for the last 100 years, which ensure the wig retains is natural shape for a lifetime.

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Bench Wig

Our bench wigs are made from horsehair, and each wig takes 4 weeks to make. It is one of the most challenging wigs to make, and are primarily worn by members of the Judiciary.

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Frizz Top Wig

The frizz top horsehair bar wig is a bespoke wig that has frizzed hair on the top of the wig rather than the traditional looped hair.
The Frizz top barrister horsehair wig is a bespoke wig that has a frizzed type horsehair on the top of the wig rather than the traditional looped type hair.

This is a barrister usually worn by senior barristers.

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Full Bottom Wig

The Full bottom wig is a truly remarkable wig. It is a sought after wig by the most senior barristers and Judges. The wig is completely handmade, and takes over 12 weeks to make by a senior artisan.

100% Horsehair, takes over 10 weeks to hand make.

A truly magnificent wig,

Ideal for the most senior of legal practitioners.

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Barrister's Gown

The traditional Barrister robes are worn in courts worldwide. Our gown is made from 100% pure Australian wool, and we use a light weight but extremely durable fabric.

Our wool gowns are completely handmade, and the shoulder pleating on the gown is done by a master tailor to ensure a comfortable fit that is designed to not slip off

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Brief Bag

Traditional in design, the robe bags come with personalized embroidery. We fully line the bag.

The embroidery of the bag takes several working days

Blue bags are used in Australia, Hong Kong and the U.K by Junior counsel barristers, black bags in Ireland, KC or SCs use burgundy color bags, and members of the Judiciary use dark green bags. We offer all the colors.

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Student Package 1

A value package with a free brief bag.

1 Barrister wig,
1 Barrister gown,
Get 1 brief bag FREE !!

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Student Package 2

An ideal package for you and a friend to order and enjoy economies of scale! You can chose different sizes for you and your friend.

2 Barrister wigs,
2 Barrister gowns,
Get 2 brief bags FREE!!

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