Hiras Fashion / Legal Tailors Head Office Recently Featured on Hong Kong Television

Hiras Fashion was recently featured in Hong Kong's popular television show. The episode showcased Hiras Fashion's headquarters where all custom clothing are handmade and processed. Along with bespoke suits, Hiras Fashion also carries a full range of Bar Legal Regalia for the commonwealth countries. Among their products are 100% horsehair bar wigs, gowns, bar jackets and more.

Ajay Hira, of local wig maker Legal Tailor
Wall Street Journal Blog (Wigged Out: Hongkong's Lawyers Bristle Over HorseHair Headpieces), April 30, 2013

Ajay Hira, of local wig maker Legal Tailor, said inquiries from Hong Kong's lawyers jumped 30% before the judge's decision. He employs two wigmakers who work for several weeks on each piece, which can range in style from what he describes as "all frizzy" wigs to others that consist of a series of fat, sausage-roll curls. Wigs sell for HK$5,400, or just under US$700.

"The calls have stopped now," says Mr. Hira. "While we were looking forward to it, there was always an element of doubt."

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Andy Hira of Hiras Fashion / Legal Tailors
featured on Ming Pao Daily news, Hong Kong, 2nd February 2014.